SVN-20050524 Errors in Make-3.80 and Module-Init-Tools-3.1

Ken Moffat ken at
Wed Jun 1 15:53:17 PDT 2005

On Wed, 1 Jun 2005, David Fix wrote:

> Hey guys.  :)  I'm working from the online version of the SVN-20050524 book,
> and I get the following error when I did a "make check" in Make-3.80:
> --------------
> options/dash-l .......................................... FAILED
> --------------
> Just wondering if that's a big deal...

 Dunno, the version of Make hasn't changed in quite a long time, so you
appear to be doing _something_ unusual (you can read that as "nobody
else ever reported that problem, as far as I can remember").  Certainly,
it passes all the tests for me from a variety of different hosts.

>  Also, I get the following when I do
> a ' make DOCBOOKTOMAN="" ' in Module-Init-Tools-3.1:
> --------------
> gcc  -g -O2 -Wunused -Wall   -o insmod.static -static insmod.o
> if [ "" = "docbook2man" ]; then                     \
>      doc/modprobe.conf.sgml > /dev/null 2>&1;                       \
> else                                                               \
>      doc/modprobe.conf.sgml 2>&1 > modprobe.conf.5 | sed 's/^[^:]*://';
> \
> fi
>  doc/modprobe.conf.sgml: Permission denied
> --------------

 Now that seems to be normal!  My log from what I thought was going to
be LFS-6.1 shows the exact same thing, followed closely by the install,
so I guess the build returned a status of zero despite this (odd, but
I'm past caring about that).

 das eine Mal als Tragödie, das andere Mal als Farce

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