nothing to be done for install error?

Jim Gifford lfs at
Sun Jan 30 23:28:16 PST 2005

tom wrote:

>Im working on the LFS testing version. I get nothing to be done for install 
>error with binutils- pass 1.
>Im on mandrake 10.1 to build the LFS.. 
Please give us some information, so we can help you. This is not enough 

Here is what you can do to give us the information we need to help you.

Restart the binutils build after you remove everything.

Then run the configure line with the following > /tmp/binutils_configure 
Then the make with > /tmp/binutils_make 2>&1
The the make install with > /tmp/binutils_install 2>&1

Then after you got those files run the following commands
tar jcf /tmp/binutils_build.tar.bz2 /tmp/binutils_configure 
/tmp/binutils_make /tmp/binutils_install

This will hopefully give us enough information to help you.

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