TR:IRQ probe failed ?

Tristan de Couasnon t.decouasnon at
Mon Jan 24 23:53:13 PST 2005

I trying to install LFS 5.1.1
After some pain 
I reached the point to make my LFS bootable
I am using this partitioning:
hda1     XP
hda2     Suse linux 9.1
hda3     swap
hdb1     LFS
hdb2     swap
But now some lines after boot I have ....:-(:-(:-(:-(
IRQ probe failed (0xfffffff8)
And later on 
hda lost interrupt
hda lost interrupt
hda lost interrupt
A lot of people set up the same question on the web and I was not able to
find a usefull answer.
I am Still a newbee.. so if you know some links toward the solution let me
Thanks a lot
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