File system unknown partition type 0x7 at grub boot

Tristan de Couasnon t.decouasnon at
Fri Jan 21 14:56:02 PST 2005

Still a newbee..
I trying to install LFS 5.1.1
After some pain 
I reached the point to make my LFS bootable
I am using this partitioning:
hda1     XP
hda2     Suse linux 9.1
hda3     swap
hdb1     LFS
hdb2     swap
When I say ( as explained in LFS book ) to grub           root( hd1,0)
I got nice blocking message:
 File system unknown partition type 0x7
Cannot mount the selected partition.
I searched on the web and found a lot of similar question without answer.
May be my search was incomplete.
I found myself a solution that may help some 
It is not documented as far as I found 
and this is bad for new comers like me trying to dig Linux 
What I guess is that when grubs start it considers its own partition as
So hd1,0 in my case is XP so the message
Changing grub root command with (hd0,0) lets grub start from where it is
(hdb1) and suppress 
Previous message. :-):-):-):-)
But now some lines later I have another story :-(:-(:-(:-(
IRQ probe failed (0xfffffff8)
And later on 
hda lost interrupt
hda lost interrupt
hda lost interrupt
A lot of people set up the same question and there is not a clean usable
I am certainly stupid so if you know some links toward the solution let me
I start to be tired about LFS
Thanks a lot
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