Blank Boot-Up Messages

Joel Miller cheeziologist at
Sun Jan 30 03:20:21 PST 2005

Zenkai Abudachi wrote:
> I'm not new at building LFS, but I've never run into
> this before...
> I just finished installing LFS 6.0 on my Compaq
> Presario 2500. I compiled in any video drivers that I
> thought were relevant to my ATI IGP345m, and rebooted.
> When the system came up, the initial kernel messages
> showed, but after that, the only thing that I saw was
> the cursor moving, as if the system was continuing to
> boot. It was like all the text was turned black. When
> it looked like the cursor finally started moving, I
> typed in 'root' [enter] and my password very
> carefully, and I saw the cursor move like I
> successfully logged in. Then, carefully, I typed
> 'shutdown -h now' and the system shut down after a few
> seconds. I don't understand what's going on as I can
> see the cursor blink, but no text. I DID compile and
> install X in the chroot environment, but restarted so
> I could test the X server before setting it up in
> inittab and installing a wm. Does anybody know what
> can be causing this? I've tried searching everywhere,
> maybe I'm missing something? Thanks.

Are you using a framebuffer for the console? If so, what settings are 
you using for it?

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