Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sun Jan 30 02:40:13 PST 2005

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> tom wrote:
>> I finished it and booted to kernel but it says it cant find 
> You really need to spend some time learning how to ask "smart 
> questions". In fact, do a Google search right now on those terms and 
> read what you find (it will probably be an article by Eric Raymond).

Really Kevin, you disappoint me.  I think it's about time you upgraded 
your ESP-plugin :)

Tom, I assume that you meant:

a) You finished compiling the system according to the LFS book (though 
you don't say what version - I'll assume it's 6.0)
b) You booted into your LFS system
c) Either during the boot process, or sometime close to login, bash 
complains about not being able to find

If that's correct, it looks like it's a simple case of you forgot/missed 
compiling the ncurses package in chapter 6.  To verify this, boot back 
into your host system, mount the LFS partition and do an 'ldd 
/mnt/lfs/bin/bash'.  That will tell you which libraries the bash binary 
needs, and the linker can find them, if it can.



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