Blank Boot-Up Messages

Zenkai Abudachi neozenkai at
Sat Jan 29 21:26:01 PST 2005

I'm not new at building LFS, but I've never run into
this before...

I just finished installing LFS 6.0 on my Compaq
Presario 2500. I compiled in any video drivers that I
thought were relevant to my ATI IGP345m, and rebooted.
When the system came up, the initial kernel messages
showed, but after that, the only thing that I saw was
the cursor moving, as if the system was continuing to
boot. It was like all the text was turned black. When
it looked like the cursor finally started moving, I
typed in 'root' [enter] and my password very
carefully, and I saw the cursor move like I
successfully logged in. Then, carefully, I typed
'shutdown -h now' and the system shut down after a few
seconds. I don't understand what's going on as I can
see the cursor blink, but no text. I DID compile and
install X in the chroot environment, but restarted so
I could test the X server before setting it up in
inittab and installing a wm. Does anybody know what
can be causing this? I've tried searching everywhere,
maybe I'm missing something? Thanks.

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