Lilo woes

Jens Olav Nygaard jens_olav.nygaard at
Sat Jan 29 01:10:05 PST 2005

Hi folks... I'm trying to install my first kernel *from within*
my LFS system. While building the LFS I went for Lilo rather than
Grub (Lilo 22.6.1) and installing the LFS kernel went just fine,
when the host was around. (Don't know if it played any part really.)

But now, after I have fully gone over to my LFS system, I wanted
to upgrade the kernel, compiled, configured, and so on, but when
I run lilo I get this:

   > lilo -v -v -b /dev/hda -P ignore -t -F -C /etc/lilo.conf

   LILO version 22.6.1 (test mode), Copyright (C) 1992-1998 Werner Almesberger
   Development beyond version 21 Copyright (C) 1999-2004 John Coffman
   Released 17-Nov-2004 and compiled at 23:50:08 on Jan 14 2005.

  Ignoring entry 'boot'
   raid_setup returns offset = 00000000  ndisk = 0
    BIOS   VolumeID   Device
   Reading boot sector from /dev/hda
   Warning: Kernel & BIOS return differing head/sector geometries for device 0x80
       Kernel: 24704 cylinders, 16 heads, 63 sectors
         BIOS: 1023 cylinders, 255 heads, 63 sectors
   Warning: '/proc/partitions' does not match '/dev' directory structure.
       Name change: '/dev/sda1' -> '/dev/sda1'
   part_nowrite check:: No such file or directory

My problem lies with the last three lines, maybe just the last one.
Can anybody tell me what that last line actually means? It seems to
be a real showstopper...

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