chroot problem again

David daveandanj--with-no-spam at
Fri Jan 28 20:07:59 PST 2005

"Bluesheet" <bluesheet at> wrote in message
news:ctet9a$bvj$1 at
> Dear, I posted this topic and now I fix this problem.
> we can discuss about this.
> when I build the temp filesystem, I will use the following configuration.
> ./configure --prefix=/tools --enable-static-link
> make LDFLAGS="-static"
> make install
> then all the packages will be static, then it can use chroot to do the
> steps.

Thanks for your suggestion. I see you were using LFS 5.1 - I'm using 6.0.
I'm not sure if this might make a difference.

I used all the static linking options described in chapter 5 as I went. This
should be enough, no? If there is a good reason why I need to deviate from
the book I would like to understand why.


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