defkeymap.c, fr-latin9 & CTRL-C

roger21 roger21 at
Fri Jan 28 11:27:15 PST 2005

roger21 a écrit :
> hello
> i've got a problem with my keymap (fr-latin9) when i compile it into the
> kernel with defkeymap.c then some CTRL-key combinations doesn't work
> (some still work as CTRL-A) if i compile another keymap (as fr-latin1)
> or none then the problem disepears

finally i just modified the keymap expliciting all the CTRL-key 
combinations which were not present (and make some changes of my gusto 
and added 2 special key for my thinkpad keyboard :) ) so, now i only use 
the new keymap compiled into the kernel but i still don't understand why 
all the CTRL-key combinations work perfectly when the keymap is just set 
with loadkeys and why they don't work when the keymap is compiled into 
the kernel (asked to the keymap author, no clear answer)

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