Richard Molton richardmolton at
Thu Jan 27 16:59:37 PST 2005

Hello all!

I have just been installing Gimp-2.0.0 from BLFS. 

On running 'make', it failed with errors referring to 
(what I understand to be) conflicting definitions of a variable.
I know no C programming, but with Ian's help it now works.

The following  description of the problem is imprecise but I am
sure the C programmers among you will be able to amend the
offending file.

'initial-region' is defined in paint-funcs.c at line 4484 as type
InitialMode.  It is defined in paint-funcs.h at line 359 as type
CombinationMode or something similar.

Changing the latter to InitialMode allowed Gimp to build and it
appears to run OK.

Sorry not to be more precise,


> Richard

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