Grub problem

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Mon Jan 24 18:39:23 PST 2005

Joel Miller wrote:

> Poonchezhian P. wrote:
>> When /boot and / are in separate partitions, your kernel should have 
>> the root argument pointing to the "/boot" partition. For example, if 
>> your /boot is located in /dev/hda1, your kernel argument for root 
>> should be "root=/dev/hda1".
> The above is not at all correct. The root parameter in grub's menu.lst 
> needs to be where / is not where /boot is.
No, this is incorrect.  The root (hdx,y) needs to be the partition that 
houses the kernel image.  The actual / partition is passed to the kernel 
as a boot parameter (root=/dev/hdx#).

For example, /boot is /dev/hda1, the / filesystem is at /dev/hda5, 
kernel image is /boot/lfskernel:

Title LFS
root (hd0,0)
kernel /lfskernel root=/dev/hda5  (Note that this will be the path on 
that partition, therefore the /boot is stripped off)


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