perl and locales

Erika Pacholleck pchllck at
Mon Jan 24 03:18:55 PST 2005

Dear Richard,
this does not seem to be a locale related issue, but an install
one. Assuming you booted into your lfs, here my questions.

1a. what exactely does `locale` return?
1b. what exactely does `perl -v` return?
2a. what does `ls /usr/bin/locale` return?
2b. what does `ls /usr/bin/perl` return?
    if they are present
3a. does then `/usr/bin/locale` return any different output?
3b. does then `/usr/bin/perl -v` return any different output?
4.  what does `echo $PATH` return?

If both, calling locale and perl, return "no such file or directory"
- they simply don't exist on your system at all
- they exist, but somewhere else and that's not in your PATH
- they exist somewhere on a partition which is currently not mounted
- they exist in /usr/bin, but your PATH has lost somehow /usr/bin

The last two are unlikely, because you mentioned a localedef
command which at least tried to do something - and that's also in
/usr/bin. Remains to find out, where your locale and perl binaries

Regards, Erika

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