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Hello com,

Saturday, January 22, 2005, 3:38:02 PM, you wrote:

cb> Hello,
cb>    I had built linux from scratch (LFS-6.0). Now i am
cb> building a operating system which is optimised for
cb> biotechnologist.

cb>     How do i  make a CD which will start building my
cb> OS when i put the CD  into a computer which does not
cb> have operating system. In case of LFS we were
cb> depending on the host system's compiler,assembler,etc.
cb> Now i dont have a operating system in my host. How do
cb> i go about?
cb> What type of programs should i have in my CD?

cb>    Thanks in advance

cb> Deepan Chakravarthy N

cb> =====
cb> link to deepan chakravarthy's home page:

cb> -------------------------------------------
cb> Center for Biotechnology,
cb> Anna University,
cb> Chennai,
cb> India.
cb> pin: 600025

cb> __________________________________________________
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You can follow the suggestion and use gentoo OR You can try the LFS
LIVE CD - can be found somewhere on the project site. This CD doesn't
need operating system to work :). However if You are more inquiring
You can try to build the boot CD yourself. And install the program You
need ex. Matlab. Try the link below to see the instructions:

I found some little mistakes building it but generally no serious
problems appeared.

-- pozdrawiam Jacek

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