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Lai Zit Seng lzs at
Sun Jan 23 15:43:15 PST 2005

I quite agree on the importance of automated builds. I build and rebuild 
many times the complete LFS system and after a while, an automated build 
system like nALFS becomes extremely useful.

Lai Zit Seng
Email: lzs at

On Sun, 23 Jan 2005, Richard Betel wrote:

> I also think that you underestimate how much you learn from ALFS. I
> built my first box manually from book 5, but when I went to my Alpha,
> I tried using ALFS book 6. I figured that since I wasn't likely to get
> chicken pocks at the age of 33 a second time, I wouldn't be able to
> sit at home for a week and watch it build. ALFS let me install while I
> was at work and asleep, and kept alot of logs. Its not a smooth simple
> build, and to figure out what what going on I ended up re-reading a
> good third of LFS book 6, recoding a half-dozen XML files (had to
> learn XML to do that. Not a big deal, but I have never needed to use
> XML before), spent a few days diving into binutils source as well as
> gcc bugtrack and 4 years worth of mailing lists. I learned about the
> specifics of DEC ALPHA EV1 thru 5's lack of IEEE floating point (it
> does everything except handle cases that should be returning NANs, so
> IEEE is easily emulated in software), as well as some weird details
> about powerPC and Sparc.
> So no, it doesn't "completely miss the value of using LFS". It builds on it.

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