missing pnp.distmap

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Sun Jan 23 10:49:53 PST 2005

Yu Zhiqiang wrote:

>after  install  the  newest LFS-SVN i got the following problem during 
>rebooting the system?
>hotplug.functions line 113: /etc/hotplug/pnp.distmap: No such file or 
>what's wrong with the hotplug package? i look through the internet and 
>find that the Makefile may be wrong
>is any patch available for lfs of hotplug? or is any easy way to crack 
>this error?
It's a simple solution - go to the hotplug CVS repository on 
sourceforge, download a copy of the pnp.distmap file out of it, and 
place it into the /etc/hotplug directory.


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