gcc error?

tom giftbound at verizon.net
Thu Jan 20 23:14:17 PST 2005

I get this error when I try to compile gcc-3.4.3 im running on a
 mandrake 8.2 distro

i used the following make BOOT_LDFLAGS="-static" bootstrap

In file included from /usr/include/signal.h:358,
                 from ../../gcc-3.4.3/gcc/config/i386/linux.h:217,
                 from ./tm.h:11,
                 from ../../gcc-3.4.3/gcc/libgcc2.c:43:
/usr/include/bits/sigthread.h:36: error: storage class specified for
parameter `type name'
make[3]: *** [libgcc/./_muldi3.o] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/mnt/lfs/sources/gcc-build/gcc'
make[2]: *** [libgcc.a] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory `/mnt/lfs/sources/gcc-build/gcc'
make[1]: *** [stage1_build] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/mnt/lfs/sources/gcc-build/gcc'
make: *** [bootstrap] Error 2

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