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Erich S eschnapps at
Thu Jan 20 19:14:35 PST 2005

--- tom <giftbound at> wrote:

> Ok i started reading the testing version of LFS, im
> a little lost im
> installing this on mandrake 8.2 distro, now do I
> have to compile the new
> kernel first or install the packages in order?
> -- 
that depends. your mandrake 8.2 distro needs to have a
kernel version 2.6.2, if I rmember right, and gcc
version 3.X.X.
once you have the host system to that point you can
then follow the book and install LFS.
If you don't you will get an error from either
binutils  or glibc saying that there is an incorrect
version and it won't compile.
I got the T-shirt with that error. :)


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