Knoppix 3.X issue

Erich S eschnapps at
Thu Jan 20 05:20:58 PST 2005

I have found that the standard commands in the LFS
book to clear the environment do not work as expected
in Knoppix. I think this may be why my /dev directory
is empty when I get done building... but we'll see
about that later.

This is done in Chapter 4. Specifically 4.4 (page 49
of the PDF). The steps to clear the environment are to

cat > ~/.bash_profile << "EOF"
exec env -i HOME=$HOME TERM=$TERM PS1='\u:\w\$ '

Normally this would work great. However, Knoppix is
set up so that the /etc/bash.bashrc file calls and
executes the /etc/profile file. This realoads all the
junk we are trying to get rid of in the first place.
The only way I have been able to make this work
properly is to rename the /etc/bash.bashrc file.
Even passing the --norc or --rcfile or both in the
~/.bash_profile has no effect.... unless I'm not
passing them in the right location.

Anyway, I hope this little tidbit of info helps


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