Ch 6 re-adjusted toolchain.

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Wed Jan 19 23:35:37 PST 2005

Jim Gifford wrote:

> Jeremy a lot of people are having problems with that perl command 
> that's in chapter 6. Most of the people are experienced LFS builders.  
> It's been verified, in IRC that there is an issue.
Perhaps so...I've never seen problems from it here, and most of the 
problems I have seen can be attributed to typographical errors.  Any 
replacement needs to adjust the startfile prefix spec as well..and the 
sed to do that is even uglier and more typo prone.  Actually, now that I 
look more closely, I see what's wrong - when that perl command was 
migrated over to testing, an extra symlink that went along with doing so 
did not get migrated...see:

The symlink commands are slightly different - is symlinked 
over as well as the .so.1.  I'll get that moved over shortly.


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