Ch 6 re-adjusted toolchain.

Jim Gifford lfs at
Wed Jan 19 23:17:00 PST 2005

Jeremy Utley wrote:

> Jim Gifford wrote:
>> sed -i 's@ /tools/lib/ /lib/ at g' \
>>    `gcc --print-file specs`
> NO!  This doesn't alter the startfile_prefix_spec option, which causes 
> Chapter 6 GCC to use the startfiles in /tools instead of the newly 
> installed ones in /usr.  A minor problem, since by default, we use the 
> exact same glibc in both instances, but it is a toolchain purity 
> issue.  Judging from the error, the OP didn't symlink 
> /tools/lib/ properly.
> -J-
Jeremy a lot of people are having problems with that perl command that's 
in chapter 6. Most of the people are experienced LFS builders.  It's 
been verified, in IRC that there is an issue.

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