Ch 6 re-adjusted toolchain.

Thad Harroun Thad.Harroun at
Wed Jan 19 11:24:53 PST 2005

Greetings all,

I'm working through 6.1-testing-20050109, while keeping an eye on 
changes from 6.0.  Build host: Knoppix 3.7

In the Chapter 6 Readjusting the Toolchain (6.12) the instructions 
switch from sed (v6.0) to perl (6.1-testing) to alter the gcc specs 
file.  The 6.0 sed scripts removes one instance of 
/tools/lib/ on line 48. The 6.1 perl command also removes 
line 102, which oringinally contained "/usr/lib".

Trying to compile dummy.c with 6.1-testing results in the error:
cannot find -lgcc_s

With 6.0 it dummy.c compiles fine, and the correct response from the 
sanity check (ie. [Requesting program interpreter: /lib/]).

What exactly are the changes we should look for in the specs file?

Furhter to this question, at this same point under 6.0, when I run

gcc dummy.c -W1,--verbose 2>&1 | grep succeeded

all of the called libraries are successfully opened from 

Are these libraries the correctly linked ones?


thad.harroun at

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