unterminated 's' command

Robert Fritsch fritschrj.lfs at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 17:17:12 PST 2005

Hello all.  I'm new to lfs and I'm trying to install it on a thinkpad
A31.  I have everything setup step by step out of the manual.  But
when I get to compiling binutils  when I run 'configure'  I get an
error about "file conftest.s0 line ##: Unterminated `s' command" 
after looking online for the solution I've come to the conclusion that
it must be a problem with my sed.

But here is the kicker... its happening off the LFS livecd.  shouldn't
that sed be setup correctly?  How would I go about correcting the
version of sed on the livecd?  or do you think maybe I got a bad

I appreciate the help.  Thanks


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