make include/linux/version.h fails due to missing .config file

Wolcott, Kenneth ken.wolcott at
Tue Jan 18 13:11:18 PST 2005


  I made it to page 49 (pdf) of LFS 6.0 (section 5.7.1) where I run into
problems with the "make include/linux/version.h" step.  The error message is
as follows: "Makefile: 415: .config: No such file or directory".

  Perhaps I've made errors prior to this and it has caught up to me :-(

  The computer that has access to the outside world is at my desk; the
computer which I'm doing LFS is in the lab which has no outside access.  I'm
using a fully-installed Fedora Core 3 distribution.  I'm doing this at work
as a training exercise so that instead of claiming that I know Linux and
open source technologies, I can confidently substantiate that I am
knowledgeable about such things.  Now I know that I have much to learn

  I was running from the text version of the lFS 6.0 document, cutting and
pasting commands to minimize typos.  I ran into several problems, most often
due to not painstakingly and precisely following the instructions to the
letter :-(  I thought at first that the text version was missing some
context (eg: where in the filesystem one should be to execute certain
commands) that the pdf or html version had...but then I realized that the
documents had the same text :-)  So apparently I'm seeing things that aren't
there :-)

  So, what have I done wrong?

make mrproper
should be done just inside the expanded kernel headers tarball, no?

does this delete any pre-existing .config file?
Isn't there a missing command (eg: make config) that needs to be done prior
to the "make include/linux/version.h" step?

Thanks in advance for the help,
Ken Wolcott

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