[SOLVED]: bash history bug ?

roger21 roger21 at free.fr
Mon Jan 17 07:48:16 PST 2005

roger21 a écrit :
> hello,
> I've got this kind of bug with the bash history: when i browse into it
> with the up & donw keys and when i come back to my original line (empty
> or not) by keeping the down key pressed, it leaves a line from the 
> history instead and it is not just a visual bug (as i've seen it 
> before), this residual history line is realy there and doesn't want to 
> leave by pressing the down key (and of course can be edited or executed) 
> so the result is than i loose my currently editing line and/or i've got 
> a useless command line than i have to delete or cancel in order to continue
> i hope someone know this problem and has a solution
> thanks in advance
> (LFS 6.0 - the problem still exist with C-p & C-n)

ok, so i applied all the patches i found and it's ok now ;)
more seriouisly i used bash-3.0-fixes-3.patch 
and readline-5.0-fixes-1.patch
the patches are available from the lfs web site -> patches -> download 
-> all patches section -> {readline, bash}
the second one (for readline) seems to be the one which soleved my problem

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