modify the agetty prompt

roger21 roger21 at
Mon Jan 17 03:37:23 PST 2005

Rainer Peter Feller a écrit :
> hm what about a
> S0:12345:respawn:/sbin/agetty -f /etc/issue.ttyS0 -L 115200 ttyS0 vt100
> in your /etc/inittab and a /etc/issue/ttyS0 of your gusto?

(ok i suppose i had to change all the parameters to match my classicals 
tty1-6 and focussing on the issue file thing)

the issue file doesn't influence the actual agetty login prompt, it just 
displays a (interpreted) message *before* the actual agetty login prompt

(i tried your line anyway, modifying ttyS0 with tty1 and with an empty 
issue.tty1 the result is the hostname information is still dispalyed)

now perhaps you are using this line on a non-linux machine and it's 
working as i wish (it means without the hostname information) because in 
the source code of agetty.c the lines dispalying the hostname 
information are enclosed in a #ifdef __linux__ / #endif

i am completly sure hacking the source code is the only way to get what 
i want: first of all because the login message " login: " is 
hard-specified in the code (without gettext) so it is the only way to 
change it to "Login:" or to "give me your login now !!" and then this 
hostname information porely displayed here is also hard-coded in the 
source (whereas it can be much better managed and displayed with the 
issue file)

i hope i didn't misunderstood your answer

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