[HELP] lfs 6.0 mkfs can't find device

Chun Hui chui at kml.com.hk
Mon Jan 17 00:47:51 PST 2005

Hi all, I have sucessfully installed linux from LFS 6.0.  Everything went 
well.  I encounter a problem when i try to create a filesystem in my compact 
flush card.  The CF card is in the ide1 and /dev/hdd.  I can use fdisk to 
create partition in the CF card device /dev/hdd.  However, when i try to 
create filesystem, the following error pop up:

-bash-3.00# mkfs /dev/hdd1
mke2fs 1.35 (28-Feb-2004)
mkfs.ext2: No such file or directory while trying to determine hardware 
sector size

I have checked the /proc/ide/, /sys/block/, and /dev/, the device seems 
detected by the system coz the file folder ide1, hdd, and hdd are in the 
corresponding place.  I also try to add a 2nd harddisk in ide0 and i can do 
the mkfs to the new harddisk.  So, is it the problem with the udev and the 
CF device?

Any help is welcome.


Chun Hui
Analyst Programmer
KML Engineering Limited [www.kml.com.hk]
Tel: 852-2929-5658    Fax: 852-2635-6181
chui at kml.com.hk

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