modify the agetty prompt

roger21 roger21 at
Sun Jan 16 11:45:28 PST 2005

roger21 a écrit :
> Richard Betel a écrit :
>> On Sun, 16 Jan 2005 13:40:17 +0100, roger21 <roger21 at> wrote:
>>>> i was wondering if it is possible to change the aguetty prompt, for now
>>>> it is: "<my_hostname> login:" i would like to remove the hostname
>>>> information or modify it
>>>> i found in the aguetty.c a #define LOGIN " login: " which is
>>>> interesting, but i can't find information about the hostname message
>> if you run just "login", you still get the hostname, and login wipes
>> out the environment, so it doesn't seem like its possible to do what
>> you want to do with the version of login we have.
> actualy it does not come from login either, it come from agetty:
> agetty display a prompt with "<my_hostname> login:" get the /login/ and 
> then call login with this /login/
> but it's ok i've just found it, after a small nap i nuch more clearly 
> saw the source code of agetty: just before the LOGIN constant is actualy 
> used to display the agetty prompt (i was previously focused on another 
> utility of this constant which wasn't the interesting one) there's three 
> line of code which display the hostname -> bye bye (just commented actualy)
> and it's perfect now :)
i know it's realy geeky but it's so fun and ... why installing from 
source if it's not for that ;))

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