Not able to boot after compilation

Your Name dj at
Fri Jan 14 22:02:46 PST 2005

>On Fri, 14 Jan 2005 15:39:05 -0600, Your Name <dj at>  

>> Perhaps someone can point me to fixin' info...
>> LFS 6.0 system, set up 100% vanilla from the book, upon initial 
>> of the system, I get the message "Not syncing - can not open initial
>> console" and tells me to try passing an init string to the kernel.
>Something is wrong with /etc/inittab...
>Probably you pointed 'root=' kernel parameter to a wrong partition.
>MadMac - asd11 at
>Linux should be fun.

Well, I checked 'em both (inittab and grub menu.lst) and they are both 
the same as the book wouldn't be a problem that my LFS 
partition is extended not primary??

dj at

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