Problem mounting Windows. iso-8859-1 not found.

Erich S eschnapps at
Fri Jan 14 15:30:08 PST 2005

--- rhubarbpie at wrote:

> I'm successfully booting into LFS 6.0 but cannot
> mount Windows.  I
> receive the errors:
> FAT: IO charset iso8859-1 not found
> mount: wrong fs type,bad option, bad superblock on
> /dev/hda1, or too
> many mounted file systems
> I regularly mount Windows with my Mandrake
> distribution and have made
> the entry in /etc/fstab.  I've also compiled FAT and
> VFAT into the
> kernel.  I'm also attempted building both as modules
> without success.
> ?
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What is your command to mount the filesystem... and if
it is in the fstab can you give us the line for the filesystem?

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