/dev is empty....causes kernel panic

Erich S eschnapps at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 14 15:18:29 PST 2005

--- Jeremy Utley <jeremy at jutley.org> wrote:

> Erich S wrote:
> >This did not happen during the process of the
> build. I
> >looked at the /dev directory and found it was
> >completely empty, including the devices for the
> >console that were created during the LFS build. I
> can
> >only think that this is caused by udev somehow, but
> >I’m not sure why udev would delete existing /dev
> >files. From what I’ve read it’s not supposed to.
> >
> >		
> >
> Udev creates it's device nodes into a tmpfs -
> remember at the beginnng 
> of Chapter 6, you mounted a tmpfs filesystem to
> /dev? Because you 
> rebooted, that filesystem is no longer mounted. So,
> to get your devices 
> back, you need to perform the appropriate steps in
> chapter 6 again 
> (Mounting /proc, mounting /sys, mounting /dev,
> running udevstart, 
> mounting /dev/pts.
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I can see where you're comming from....kinda :)  I do
remember mounting those file systems in the chapter.
One problem though. The boot process is failing when
it tries to start mounting the root filesystem. I'll
try mounting those again and reboot, but I'm not sure
how this is going to solve the problem, since the root
partition is being mounted before the temporary
partitions and before udev is even started. 

I'm not sure how to easily get a screenshot of where
it fails to you, so bear with me while I start it up
and start copying the screen by hand... :)


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