/dev is empty....causes kernel panic

Erich S eschnapps at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 14 12:48:34 PST 2005

I have a problem.
I'm at the end of the LFS 6.0 book, and I'm not sure
where to post this question. There wasn't anything
about this in the FAQ [yes I did RTFM :-)] or anything
close in search results on the LFS web sites. Google
also didn’t turn up anything useful.

This is what happens. When I reboot the system for the
first time to get into my LFS, the kernel panics
saying it can't get to the root file system. The
kernel parameters do point to the correct partition
[/dev/hda2], and this is the root partition. It may be
necessary to note that I do have a /boot partition on
/dev/hda1. When I reboot into the building system
(Knoppix 3.7), I tried to re-run grub thinking that it
was something wrong with the grub installation.
However, Grub complained that the disk does not exist.
This did not happen during the process of the build. I
looked at the /dev directory and found it was
completely empty, including the devices for the
console that were created during the LFS build. I can
only think that this is caused by udev somehow, but
I’m not sure why udev would delete existing /dev
files. From what I’ve read it’s not supposed to.
Unless I’ve just smoked a little too much crack today
J. Anyway, Grub fails at that step.  If I remount
/proc in the chroot environment and then start udev, I
get a populated /dev and Grub completes successfully.
However, when I reboot I go back to an empty /dev and
the kernel panic. My thought is that the kernel panics
because it can’t find the /dev/hda2 entry. 

So, the question then is this. How do I get a
populated /dev directory that the kernel can boot

This one has me by the short and curlies for right
now, and I’m hoping someone can help me extricate
myself from this position.

Thanks in advance, 


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