LFS 6.0 kernel -> 2.6.10 ?

dennis w32 at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 14 10:08:17 PST 2005

> it *can* be rebuilt, but does not *have* to be rebuilt. The kernel 
> maintainers (generally) are careful to maintain the ABI in major kernel 
> versions so newer kernel versions will be backwards compatible with 
> applications compiled against older headers.
> However, as you've pointed out, if you wish to use the new features, then 
> yes, a recompile of glibc (at least) is required.
> -- -
> Steve Crosby

I was under the impression that binutils, glibc, and gcc should never be 
updated, presumably because most everything depends upon the old 
versions. I got this impression - two years ago - from a blfs-support 
thread which I can no longer find. I've since noticed that one can build 
alternative versions of gcc alongside the existing one, (e.g., 

Anyway, who can set me straight? Are there packages one must not update 
for fear of breaking everything?


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