Building LFS book 6.0 on Alpha

Ken Moffat ken at
Thu Jan 13 17:57:55 PST 2005

On Thu, 13 Jan 2005, Richard Betel wrote:

> Then I move on to chapter 6. It starts OK, but I have two problems there so far:
> 1) glibc tests fail. It looks like a precision error in atan2 inline,
> so I ignored it, but hey! Its happening. glibc builds cleanly though.

 Sounds par for the course.  Most architectures other than i686 often
fail glibc tests.  Some of them work fine despite this.

> 2) binutils also fails make check. It appears to be errors in the
> linker. I get the following errors:
> FAIL: TLS -fpic -shared
> FAIL: TLS -fpic and -fno-pic exec
> FAIL: TLS -fpic and -fno-pic exec relax
> FAIL: visibility (hidden_weak)
> FAIL: visibility (hidden_weak) (PIC main)
> FAIL: visibility (protected_weak)
> FAIL: visibility (protected_weak) (PIC main)
> FAIL: ELF DSO weak func first DSO
> FAIL: ELF DSO weak func last DSO
> FAIL: ELF weak func first DSO
> FAIL: ELF weak func last DSO

 The ELF DSO failures happen a lot on ppc.  I don't know about the

> I also get 2 warnings at the start:
> warning: couldn't find the global config file
> warning: couldn't find tool init file
 Those are absolutely normal
> Any ideas on what/where I have gone wrong would be most appreciated.

 Probably, all you've done wrong is take a less travelled path.
Unfortunately, you aren't very likely to find people who understand the
specifics of the alpha here.  Maybe google for anybody using bleeding
edge stuff on alpha to see if any toolchain funnies are reported.  Check
gentoo ebuilds in case there is anything alpha-specific that we don't
have (and particularly check if they are sticking with an old version of
binutils for alpha).  Check the gcc test results list - if anybody has
tested on alpha, look at which glibc and gcc they used, to get a feel
for what is known to be good.

 Worst case, you'll get deep into BLFS only to find obscure problems -
if that happens, you get to try different toolchain versions and
distribution patches.  More likely, the only problem is that rather more
tests fail than on other platforms.

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