Kernel Option

Kevin Alm kevinalm at shenessex.heartland.net
Wed Jan 12 20:44:29 PST 2005

Jeremy Shivers wrote:

> Initially when first configuring the kernel to build LFS 6 I just 
> copied the .config file from my Fedora Core 3 distribution. However, I 
> don't really know that much about what hardware I have in my computer 
> and would like to get away from the host distribution. I really want 
> to build a monolithic kernel that is optimized for my one computer. I 
> was looking through the options during the kernel configuration and in 
> 'General Setup' I noticed 'Kernel .config' support. The help text says 
> "It provides documentation of which kernel options are used in a 
> running kernel or in an on-disk kernel." If I build this selection 
> into the kernel and rebuild it, can I find out EXACTLY what options in 
> the kernel are being used? Also, does this give me the ability to know 
> pretty much everything about my hardware that is supported by linux? 
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
>    Jeremy
If you select kernel config support then a gzipped copy of .config that 
the kernel was compiled with will appear as /proc/config.gz
A handy thing, but as Richard suggests not exactly what you seem to have 
in mind. I'd strongly reccomend it though. I've wiped out many .config 
files doing make mrproper without saving it first. Saves a lot of hassle.

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