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Mon Jan 10 11:45:32 PST 2005

Hello, Joris Hooijberg <jorishooijberg at>!

On Sun, 9 Jan 2005 23:57:53 +0100 you wrote:

> This is my first message to this list, so: "Hello World!" ;-)
> My Mandrake10.0 partition covers my whole harddisk. How do I create a
> new partition  for LFS without destroying my data, using fdisk or
> something like that? Using Partition Magic is not an option, because
> there is no MSWindows on my pc.
> Maybe this question is too newbish for this list, but when i tried to
> find it out on my own, i DID destroy everything. And I don't want that
> to happen again... :-)

Load from mandrake CD (or DVD) (to awoid data loss when resizing),
resize partition and create new partition - Mandrake's tool is very
userfriendly and stable.
I hope you won't lose any data.

And don't use partiton magic!!!

WBR, Vladimir Rusinov aka B.
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