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=> The very first beginning...  <= 
 von Joris Hooijberg folgendes:  :
>This is my first message to this list, so: "Hello World!" ;-)
Hello World too:-)

>My Mandrake10.0 partition covers my whole harddisk. 
This is curious and not recommended at all. In /etc/fstab you only have
/dev/hda?       /               reiserfs        defaults        1 1
? Or present yout mtab of the mandrake machine just here.

>How do I create a
>new partition  for LFS without destroying my data, using fdisk or
>something like that? 
First, don't use neither fdisk nor cfdisk.

>Using Partition Magic is not an option, because
>there is no MSWindows on my pc.
Well, there are some tools to reduce disk space for usage, but I don't
use them. Next to be known: Do you have any connection with a net
or do you have your machine as a workstation? Which kind of 
Internet Access do you have? Is there any possibility to have a second
harddisk. Can you use CD-RW or DVD-RW?
Did you read allready the concerning HOWTOs, man pages, info,
Debian install.en.txt? If you have the last mentioned one you should
go up to 3.6 And read about fips at a bootable floppy. And the 
following chapters. Or go directly to chapter 6 and read it carefully.

>Maybe this question is too newbish for this list, but when i tried to
>find it out on my own, i DID destroy everything. And I don't want that
>to happen again... :-)
Expecting much more information:-)

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