trouble in compiling gcc in chapter 6 of lfs-5.1.1

Joel Miller cheeziologist at
Mon Jan 10 00:44:14 PST 2005

Thomas Hackert wrote:
> Hello Mukesh,
> On Monday 10 January 2005 07:43, mukesh wrote:
>>  host: FedoraCore 1(Kernel-2.4.22)
>>  working on lfs-5.1.1. I used binutils-2.15 instead of
>>binutils-2.14 as mentioned in the book.Now I got a problem in the
>>compilation of gcc-3.3.3 in chapter 6.The problem is :
> <snip>
> have you searched the archives of this ML? IIRC FC1 is too new for 
> LFS-5.1.1, so you could
> a. use another host distro or
> b. use LFS-6.0.
> Thomas.

You are incorrect. Please be sure of your information before you post. 
FC1 is fine for LFS-5.1.1. FC2 and newer will have problems but core 1 
will work.

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