LFS 6.0 Chapter 5-GCC 3.4.1 Compilation error

Chris Lingard chris at stockwith.co.uk
Sun Jan 9 09:16:29 PST 2005

Max Hegele wrote:

> Hello again,
> I finally succeeded!
> I think I just found out what the problem was: as I mentioned it seemed
> that gcc wanted to build 32bit libraries, and I think this was right. I
> used the flag --disable-multilib with configure, and the compilation
> succeeded!
> Can anyone tell me if this will cause problems later on or don't I need
> these libraries, which are build by default for several targets
> according to the installation guide for gcc.

No, it will not cause you any problems later on, provided you just need
a 64 bit system.  In fact you must have this if you are just building
64 bit,  I was going to build 32 bit glibc later, but have never
needed it.

The alternative is to follow Ryan's scripts


You would then build both 32 bit and 64 bit libraries.

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