problems with iproute in lfs 6.0

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On Fri, 7 Jan 2005 09:11:42 +0100, Schafer Frank
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> Agree,
> ... and _lots_ means !!!!! LOTS !!!!!. If the purpose of teaching people
> what makes Linux works (as stated once in at the beginning of LFS) is
> still true, there is much too much script fu-matic in the initscripts.
> Well, the init scripts (too) are work in progress and every programmer
> knows, that changes of software over time lead to a state at which even
> the programmer itself can't tell out of the box what every line is for.
> The initscripts are modular. This is a very good programming style but
> where is the border between good and overhowl. If a script sources a
> script to set a variale used in a script to source to set the final
> value of this variable which leads to the fact that someone trying to
> read the script has to open up to 5 virtual consoles to ??be able?? to
> figure things out ...
> ... hmmm.
> This needs at least strong documentation.
> Furtheron (I made complete own initscripts and checked if I forgot
> something yesterday) there are some tricky things used. Every programmer
> likes to realize such things in his programs bu this needs DOUBLE STRONG
> documentation.
> Let's take the cleanfs script for instance:
> Removing everything from except utmp from /var/run if it is older than
> /proc is a good idea but I don't know if everybody understands this.
> I couldn't figure out why this script creates files, directories, pipes
> and even device nodes. Well it doesn't but it is prepared to do so.
> The line:
>         exec 9<&0 < /etc/sysconfig/createfile
> ... I couldn't even explain it from the bash man page. Maybe Gerard
> could explain this. Again, in the script itself ;o))
> Or in rc itself:
>         i=$(ls -v $rc_base/rc$runlevel.d/K*)
> Does exactly the same, what
>         i=`ls $rc_base/rc$runlevel.d/K*`
> Does, what is more readable but this is maybe a matter of taste.
> $rc_base is one of these variables set shelling 2 files ... And a
> constant for the whole system. :(
> If I'm at this. Finding out what services are started at this moment by
> looking for the S* scripts in $rc_base/rc$prevlevel.d is IMHO a bad
> idea. If someone add or remove sevices to the init system and then
> changes the runlevel a not running subsystem will be tried to be stopped
> or remains running. This is what /var/lock/subsys is for.
> Just my 2 pence
> Frank
> PS: Uses LFS / BLFS still these plain text HINT files I knew some time
> ago? If yes - where can I place a WIRELESS-HINT?
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> Nathan Coulson wrote:
> > hmm, I'll see if I can simplify it some...  [not sure when the
> > networking part got congested]
> In the spirit of education, rather than dumbing-down the scripts, maybe
> it would better to just adds _lots_ of comments to them so users can
> learn what they are doing and why? Seems to me that would solve both
> problems.

perhaps this should be moved to lfs-dev.  Alot of developers do not
look at lfs-support.

that createfiles script is farely useful, It could be moved as an
addon in blfs perhaps.

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