Cannot find eth0

Jeremy Shivers shivers53 at
Sat Jan 8 12:37:07 PST 2005

I finished building LFS 6 and then proceeded to reboot. Everything loaded 
fine except my network card. I get this error when the kernel boots:

Interface eth0 doesn't exist [WARN]

I have followed the LFS instructions to a T. I know for sure my network card 
is: 3Com Corporation 3c905C-TX/TX-M [Tornado] with device driver: 3c59x

I used the .config from the host distribution (Fedora Core 3: which loads 
the device fine) to build the kernel for LFS6 and I know the device was 
compiled as a module.

/etc/modprobe.conf looks like:
alias eth0 3c59x

What am I missing? Is there some checklist I can follow to see if I missed 
anything? Any help is appreciated.


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