LFS6 Kernel Warnings and Errors

Jeremy Shivers shivers53 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 7 10:43:03 PST 2005

I just finished building LFS6.0 and I am getting some warnings and errors 
when the kernel boots and I was wondering if anybody could explain what they 
mean and/or how to fix them.

I built LFS from Fedora Core 3 (2.6.9-1.667) with my partitions set up like 

Device        Blocks       Id    System            Mount
/dev/hda1     104,391      83    Linux             /boot
/dev/hda2     12,289,725   83    Linux             /storage
/dev/hda3     3,582,495    83    Linux             /
/dev/hda4     3,574,462+   5     Extended
/dev/hda5     393,561      82    Linux swap
/dev/hda6     3,180,838+   83    Linux             /lfs

All the partitions are clean and are correctly mounted by Fedora.
(Also to note, I manually created /dev/hda6 using mke2fs -m0 option to 
specify 0% for superuser cause i wanted to squeeze all the space I could out 
of the partition)

LFS built all the way through and now I get these messages when the kernel 

EXT2-fs warning (device hda6) : ext2_fill_super mounting ext3 filesystem as 
fsck.ext3 : Filesystem has unsupported feature(s) (/lfs)
e2fsck : Get a newer version of e2fsck!
Filesystem errors were encountered that couldn't be fixed automatically. The 
system will be halted.
Wait for system administrator...blah..blah..blah

Does this last error refer to the faq/netiquette question "The system shuts 
down when fsck errors out!" If so, what is the recommended change to the 
boot scripts the faq suggests or perhaps by possibly using "init=/bin/bash" 
as a kernel parameter? Any help is appreciated.


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