Processes going defunct inside of chroot

Your Name dj at
Thu Jan 6 06:00:03 PST 2005

Thanks.  Went back and reread the sections and list archives and am 
guessing that sleep before attempting to build LFS would have been a 
good thing!

Thanks much!

dj at


Your Name wrote:

>Not sure if this is related to the issues in the archive, doesn't 
>seem the same.  I am building LFS6.0 stable, into chapter 6 now.  
>I enter the chroot environment use any tools built in chapter 5, they 
>always hang when they exit.  The only way to get the terminal back is 
>to log into another one and kill the now <defunct> process.  Any idea 
>what I did wrong?  Any other information needed?
>dj at
You're using a newer glibc snapshot than what is specified in the LFS 
6.0 book, and didn't apply an essential patch to bash (the WCONTINUED 


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