problems with iproute in lfs 6.0

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Wed Jan 5 12:10:51 PST 2005

On Wed, 5 Jan 2005 18:03:53 +0100, Matthias B.
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> On Wed, 05 Jan 2005 07:23:47 -0700 "Kevin P. Fleming"
> <kpfleming at> wrote:
> > an LFS builder should be able to read and understand the scripts
> > involved
> The boot scripts have gone a LOOOOOONG way since this was true.
> Especially the network bootscripts are much too complicated. You can't
> expect the average LFS user to read and understand them. They look like
> they were written with the primary purpose of being l33t. They could be
> replaced with something that is MUCH MUCH MUCH simpler (both with respect
> to the scripts themselves as well as configuration) but works just as well
> for all but a small handful of LFS users (who are well capable of writing
> their own scripts).
> If LFS is supposed to have education as a goal wrt the boot process and
> the boot scripts, then the complete lfs-bootscripts package is a bug. It
> should be moved to BLFS and LFS should go back to scripts that are KISS
> enough to be included in the book itself as they used to be.
> --

hmm, I'll see if I can simplify it some...  [not sure when the
networking part got congested]

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