Matthew Burgess matthew at
Wed Jan 5 10:18:18 PST 2005

Schafer Frank wrote:
> I know, WiFi is'nt an issue in LFS. I've choosen LFS because I wanted a REALLY
> minimal system running from an USB disk on a Via mini board.

Just to clarify things from at least my point of view.  With the udev 
stuff in LFS we should be able to guarantee (at minimum) that the /dev 
entry you require will either be created at boot-time or device 
insertion time (in the case of hot-swappable components) if udev is 
configured correctly.  Whether this happens with Wifi cards with a 
by-the-book LFS installation I couldn't possibly say, but it should be 
possible to get an entry into /etc/udev/rules.d/ and 
/etc/udev/permissions.d/ to cause the /dev entry to appear.

Coupled with the correctly selected driver from the kernel config and 
any required user-land tools you should be good to go.

Alexanders claims that "wireless cards are not supported by LFS at all" 
could be construed as "you won't get wireless cards to work with an LFS 
system" which I don't think is correct (but feel free to correct me if 
I'm way off base here).  That's certainly the way I read it, initially 
at least.



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