problems with iproute in lfs 6.0

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Wed Jan 5 06:56:07 PST 2005

Jeremy Utley wrote:

> Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
>> Stephan wrote:
>>> the book says in configuring the network scripts:
>>> This directory should contain files in the form of, 
>>> where “xyz”
>>> is a network interface name (such as eth0 or eth0:1).
>> That is an error in the book; interface aliases are no longer 
>> supported by the tools included in LFS. Please enter a bug in the LFS 
>> Bugzilla to get this corrected.
> Not sure how this was missed prior to the LFS 6 edits...but yeah, it 
> definately needs to get fixed.
>>> but if i want to use eth0:1 it doesnt work at all, because ip cant 
>>> find that
>>> interface. i dont know if that "bug" is known but how can i change the
>>> ifup/ifdown-scripts to keep track of a second ip-address for an 
>>> interface?
>> You do not need to change those scripts, you need to read them and 
>> learn how they work. Adding additional IPV4 addresses to an interface 
>> is very easy to do with these scripts, and an LFS builder should be 
>> able to read and understand the scripts involved (it is, after all, 
>> "from scratch", not "from helpers" <G>).
> Not so sure about this Kevin - not everyone is a bash scripting 
> expert, and there's some pretty nasty script-fu in there.  I took a 
> look (since I was attempting to help this person on IRC), and *I* 
> didn't exactly see an easy way to configure this - but I must admit, I 
> didn't look real closely.  I figured someone on list who was more 
> familiar with the new bootscript structure could easily answer this 
> question, since it's not exactly a FAQ or anything.
> -J-

For the archives, in case this ever comes up again, the key is to create 
a second configuration file in 
/etc/sysconfig/network-devices/ifconfig.eth0 - name it something like 
ipv4.1 or some such.  Make it look identical to the original ipv4 
script, only with the second IP you want.  The ifup script will go thru 
the original ipv4 script, then catch the ipv4.1 script and add both IP's.

The original poster figured this out at the same time I was saw this 
same ability in the scripts, and was going to help him implement the original problem is resolved.  I'm just placing this in the 
archives in case it ever comes up again!


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