[BUG] Initscripts again

Joel Miller cheeziologist at mail.isc.rit.edu
Tue Jan 4 23:37:43 PST 2005

Schafer Frank wrote:
> Hi,
> In rcsysinit.d there is a link to read the system clock from the
> hwclock. That's good. The links to store the system clock to the hwclock
> in rc0.d and rc6.d are missing. That's bad.

This is not a bug. If you search the archives, this was a choice made by 
the LFS Developers/Community. If I remember the discussion correctly, 
the point was made that there is no way to determine whether or not the 
system clock on hwclock is more accurate at the time of shutdown. The 
only time when the bootscripts store time back to the hwclock on 
shutdown is if you are using ntp and its corresponding bootscript.

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