Schafer Frank Frank.Schafer at
Tue Jan 4 23:28:08 PST 2005


I've plugged a Prism2.5 WiFi PCI card on a system meant to act as an AP.
The card works fine with the Orinoco driver in managed mode.
Yesterday I built the hostap driver. The card gets active when I
modprobe the driver

	# modprobe hostap_pci
	# lsmod
	hostap_pci 1 hostap
	hostap     0

... and due to the controls of the card it's working.

The whorse side: no wlan# device is coming up. Could this be an udev

I think I've seen something like this for loop not so long ago on the
list but I can't find the thread between all these "Happy holiday" and
similar posts.

Any hint would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance

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