Using the LFS as a standalone OS

Lai Zit Seng lzs at
Mon Jan 3 21:34:11 PST 2005

On Tue, 4 Jan 2005, Poonchezhian P. wrote:

> I started building LFS 6.0 with Fedora Core 3 as my base OS. The LFS 6.0 lies
> in separate 20GB HDD partitioned for a separate "/", "/boot", "/var", "/home"
> partitions. Initially while starting the installation, I started with the LFS
> HDD as "hdb" and once the installation was over, I tried booting the HDD from
> the same. But it said file system error. Ext2 has some unsupported features.
> Look for the latest version of e2fsprogs program. Later when I tried to boot
> the machine with the HDD as "hda" the OS stops booting after the step

The thingy about unsupported features... I ran into that problem too. It 
turns out that Fedora had added in some extra features which are not 
supported by the standard e2fsprogs.

You can run tune2fs -l on your various partitions to compare the "features 
list". Then use tune2fs with the -O paramter to clear away extra features 
that the standard e2fsprogs in LFS does not support.


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