login problem

thorsten fly_a320 at gmx.de
Mon Jan 3 01:41:51 PST 2005

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Hello agin,do as root

there should be a interface in the listing called lo, containing the line

if not, do:
ifconfig lo up
if this works, do again
and check the lo as above

if there is now a interface lo UP LOOPBACK RUNNING then try again to login

SORRY, DISREGARD THE BELOW, IT WAS CRAP, the loopback device driver 
below is something different than I meant...
if there still is no interface called lo UP then do
cd /boot
cat config-lfskernel | grep LOOP
this should print CONFIG_BLK_DEV_LOOP=y
if not, you have to recompile your kernel with loopback device enabled


> Thank you thorsten, but I have not potables installed, so it doesn't 
> work for me.
> Can you tell me others answers ?
> Thank you again.

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